TCS Angular interview questions for experienced 2022

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One of my friend who shared with me below interview questions that he faced in TCS Interview. He selected in kolkata location.

Process of TCS Online Interview

First in call they ask about your current organization and previous all organizations, have any year gap in between work and education, current salary, expected salary, notice period, total years of experienced and relevant experience that you apply for. They email you with TCS ibegin portal login credential to submit all registration documents. They call you and confirm before start any step. After submit your registration document you get a call and confirm the date and time for interview conducted. You will get a email for join interview link. Your have to keep any verification identity proof and good internet connection. You have to keep video on all the time during the interview.

Technical round interview questions

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell us about the last project you worked on
  • Which type Angular Project Structure you follow as like sandbox?
  • How will you configure your application for qa, staging, prod?
  • Did you use Jasmine test framework? if yes then stay prepare for give the answerer about testing framework that you used.
  • Tell me 3 points to increase performance of angular application
  • How does trackBy work Angular?
  • Did you use state management library?
  • Which state management library you used?
  • How will you implement state management library in your project?
  • If you use two observable as requirement how will you get the value from that two observable at the same time?
  • Difference between forkjoin and combinelatest in rxjs.
  • How will you combine multiple behaviorsubject in rxjs?

HR round interview questions

  • ask about your year of experience and how many company have you change
  • ask about your all previous companies and why have you change your company?
  • what are the reason you have change your company many times?
  • why would you hire you?


As per your given answer the follow of asking question may change. You have to be very conscious about your answer because the ask any tricky counter question by which they may fall you in false position.

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