Angular 12 new features

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What's new in Angular 12
What’s new in Angular 12

Angular is a Google-based TypeScript framework for desktop and mobile web applications. It has over 68,000 stars on GitHub. Angular 11 was launched on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2020. Angular 12 new features will reduce bulk size of app.

Every year, Angular conducts an engineer survey with nearly 30K feedback to make Angular better. With the response of the Angular community, requests, and suggestions, they plan for timely, rapid, and positive development. Angular 12 new features are to size optimization.

The focus of the Angular Roadmap Project is the ‘Zoneless Angular’ option that enables Zone.js and gives you more control over the developers. Angular 12 new features discuss below points.

Expected Features and Benefits of Next Angular Release

Developer Ergonomics Best @ angular / forms

Work is underway to use a more robust form of testing. This allows developers to address many issues in the time of development, allow for better text editing and IDE support, and improve the quality of testing for working forms.

Use the full draft power with Zone.js Select opt-out

Angular will create and install a program to make Zone.js from Angular applications. This simplifies the framework, improves error correction, and reduces app bulk size

Decreasing the Sounds Framed by Deleting an Asset

Angular systems remove the Angular Asset View Engine over concept, small package size, low repair costs, and low codebase difficulty.

Improve Test Periods and Automatic Test Environment Disable Down

By changing the TestBed to automatically clean up and break down the test environment after each launch test, engineers can improve the test time and build a better separation for all tests.

Improve Build Performance with ngc as tsc Plug-In distribution

Distributing Angular compiler as a TypeScript compiler plugin is expected to improve developer construction performance and significant reduce maintenance costs.

Support Adding Hosting Commands

Application for a long-term feature of the ability to add references to the holding objects. The feature allows developers to grow their products with a different behavior without using the asset.

Angular Mental Model simplified with optional modules

Future Angular editions make voluntary modules facilitate the learning journey. This function allows developers to create independent objects. Different API to announce the integration rate of an object.

Improve debugging with better Angular error messages

We’ve been working on making error messages more accessible by adding relevant codes, improving guidelines, and other tools to ensure a smooth feeling of debugging.

Ensure smooth adoption for future RxJS changes (v7 and beyond)

We want to confirm Angular developers are taking benefit of the latest features of RxJS and have a smooth transition to the next big releases of the framework with Angular.

Ergonomic Component Level Code-Splitting APIs

A common problem for web applications is the initial instant loading. The way to improve it is to install a granular code split at the top level. Developing APIs that break down the most ergonomic code encourages this practice.

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